Clear Thinking for
High Performing Teams

A leadership team workshop unlike any other

“This workshop will positively change your relationships, at work and beyond, forever.”

– Luke Brynley-Jones. Managing Director

Transform the way your team works together

To build a company that has a high performing team, stands out, stands the test of time, and makes money, individuals need to have clear thinking. 

High performance teams are built on individuals who trust, respect and make time to understand one another, and yet in almost every leadership team there are individuals who consistently cannot see eye-to-eye.

It’s all too easy to say ‘that’s just the way it is’

Except the truth is, it doesn’t have to be.  

During the day your team will come to realise for themselves...

  • How attitudes towards others develop 
  • How this affects your ability to be effective 
  • How to build trusted relationships with anyone

unlock your team potential

The impact is phenomenal

  • Massively more impactful leaders and managers
  • Staff who seek each other out and cooperate at levels you’ve never seen before.
  • Hundreds of hours each month saved from miscommunication within teams.
  • Better, more productive customer and client conversations that will add trust and positively impact future business.
  • More inspiring leadership through an understanding of other people’s realities and how to better deal with them.
  • The ability to manage potentially volatile conversations or situations.
  • A happier, more trusting, communicative and impactful workforce where individuals can successfully build incredible, open and productive relationships with each other.
  • A reduction in repetitive ‘head-butting’ between colleagues.
  • The ability for your team leads to ‘meet people where they’re at’.

“Just thought I’d let you know about a situation which has occurred post the Zoom session yesterday. I have a client where I was servicing like mad but had no real fee set. So post the prices meeting I sent an email outlining the work I did for them and that I thought it would be good to have a more formal fee arrangement. They said certainly and told me the hours they could afford per month. So done deal. Great to continue to learn things (or re learn them) and much enjoyed the event.”

-David Hodson, owner, Stream London Ltd

Who Should Attend a Clear Thinking Workshop?

Clear Thinking is a workshop for any team wishing to understand how their thinking is impacting on their attitudes and behaviours towards other people. It will transform you teams, unlocking their potential to work together
  • Individuals that struggle with relationships at work.
  • People who keep butting heads with colleagues despite their best intentions.
  • Team members who can’t say what they are really thinking.
  • Staff who are unable to be assertive when really needed.
  • Anyone who suspects that better relationship will lead to stronger outcomes.
  • A team that frequently has miscommunication around projects.
  • Leadership teams who want to build open, trusted relationships.

This workshop will have an instant and permanent change to the trajectory and effectiveness of your business. 

And guess what? We’re so confident that it will be the best use of your L&D budget that we (quite literally) guarantee it (more on that at the bottom).


Andy Brown

Andy Brown is one of the UK’s top leadership coaches. Providing coaching to leaders in people-based businesses, enabling them to make better decisions, more quickly. Winner of the “Outstanding Non-Executive Director 2021” award and with over 30 years’ experience, Andy’s coaching and training programmes give leaders in growing businesses the skills, tools and confidence to have a positive impact on their organisations. 

Rena Loizou

Rena is a Transformative Life Coach with over 20 years’ experience. She works with private and corporate clients both in the UK and internationally. Rena’s new and pioneering approach to help people transform enables her clients to gain a fresh understanding on how the human mind works and to gain insight into how they are shaping experiences and their own reality in any given moment. With this understanding, clients are able to access their infinite inner resourcefulness and well-being regardless of their circumstances.

Here’s our promise to you

We believe 100% in the transformational effect this workshop will have, and as such Clear Thinking for High Performing Teams comes with a no quibble 14-day money back guarantee. We want you to come away from the course and feel the power and impact your insights and realisations have from then on. If you’ve immersed yourself in the day and still feel there was no value, we’ll refund you.

No ifs, no buts.

Interested? What should you do next?


Clear Thinking for High Performance Teams is £8,000 + VAT for a team of 6-10 individuals. We’ll help you to find a suitable venue and a date that suits you.


We’ve already seen the tremendous impact Clear Thinking for High Performance Teams is having. If you want to find out more and delve a little deeper before you commit, then you can set up a 15 minute 1-2-1 with Clear Thinking coach Andy Brown who will give you more details around what to expect on the day.


Clear Thinking in times of stress

Clear Thinking whilst managing change and disruption

Explaining the impact of an experiential workshop can be tough. So, here’s just some of the feedback we’ve received following the workshops...​